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radiator graveyard (at ReBuilding Exchange)

April 13!

Lovely details throughout the interior of the new Starbucks on Canal Street in New Orleans.

Thanks #Zulu for our goodbye coconut before we had to head to the airport. See y’all next year!

important decisions (at Chicago Costume)

Polenta, Fried Eggs, Greens and Blistered Tomatoes

Tonight’s dinner, courtesy of Williams-Sonoma’s Taste blog. I pinned this recipe to my Breakfast board on Pinterest ages ago and now regret having waited so long to try it.

Cheesy Parmesan polenta is balanced out by the subtle good-for-you bitterness of the swiss chard, and anything topped with a fried egg is a perfect weeknight meal if I’ve ever seen one.


via f0lklaur

Much to look forward to once this brutal winter is over…

you had me at “honey butter” (at Honey Butter Fried Chicken)


Louisiana Office Of Tourism advertisement - Gourmet: January 1982

I wonder if that Galatoire’s waiter still works there…

Beyond just waffles, mussels and frites…although those are all compelling reasons to visit, too.